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Ladies Wednesday League | Lakeshore1860

Welcome to another golf season. We’d like to invite all female golf members to join our 9-hole Ladies Twilight League. This fun, relaxed league is a great opportunity to meet other members, make new friends and enjoy the beautiful golf course at Lake Shore. In past years, we’ve enjoyed special league events including the Dinner at Tiffany’s Closing Dinner, the Ryder Cup Tournament, Mardi Gras Night, the Captain and Crew Tournament, the Member- Member/Member-Guest, and Margarita Night, among others. We will provide more information on the upcoming soon.


League information –

  • The League is open to golfers of all levels, from experienced players to beginners
  • The League is held on Wednesday evenings with a four person scramble at 5PM
  • Regular league nights have a 5:30 p.m. shotgun start and Fun Nights have a 6PM starting time
  • Participants will play every week with a partner
  • If you already have a partner, please list her name on the Registration Form
  • If you do not have a partner, we will match you with another golfer with a similar handicap
  • Dues are $55

For more information –

  • Danielle M. Cima, Chair: 247-2512 cell, 699-9731 home, 218-8605 work, 699-5936 camp
  • Michelle Delia, Co-Chair: 382-0969 cell
  • Mary Lappin, Co-Chair: 415-6104 cell
  • Lisa Towers, Score Keeper: 699-6091 home, 415-6491 cell

Additional Fees

Throughout the season, additional fees will be charged for tournaments and other special events as necessary. Please note, however, that these events are optional. The estimated costs range from $10 to $45.



Score cards will be on the carts each week. A total of 10 points is possible per team per week, as follows:

Rain Outs

In case of inclement weather, we will send an email to the League by 4:00 p.m., or you can call the Pro Shop. If the League has not been called off, your team must participate or it will be considered a forfeit. If the League has been called off, there will be no makeup; however, the League members may still meet for dinner and cocktails in the Clubhouse at 6:00 pm. In case of steady rain during play, a minimum of 5 holes must be completed by all League participants in order for the night to count. In case of lightening and the horn blows, play has been suspended.



If you cannot make a League night, you must find your own sub. You can either refer to the sub list or call another golf member. If you cannot find a sub, your partner will play the opponents and you can take a pull, if it is available. If neither partner can find a sub, you shall forfeit and the opposing team shall receive six points. The opposing team has the ability to “play the card” to receive more than six points. To play the card, you receive a ½ point if you tie the par with the card’s handicap, and receive 1 point if you beat the par with the card’s handicap. Maximum points possible when “playing the card” are 10 – up to 9 for play + 1 for showing up. Minimum points earned are 6. THE TEAM MAY NOT OBTAIN TWO SUBSTITUTES FOR THE SAME EVENING; AT LEAST ONE MEMBER OF THE TEAM MUST PARTICIPATE IN ORDER TO AVOID A FORFEIT.



The highest possible handicap is 20. Handicaps change every week, determined by your scores.

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