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Rules/Regulations | Lakeshore1860

(Est. 1954, revised October 12, 2015) The purpose of this portion is to familiarize the members of Lake Shore Yacht & Country Club (hereinafter known as “THE CLUB”) with the rules and regulations of THE CLUB. It is the responsibility of each member to know and obey the rules and regulations of THE CLUB. It is his/her additional responsibility to assure that each member of his/her family or guests do likewise. The Manager of each department is responsible for enforcing these rules and regulations with the overall responsibility assigned to the club Director of Operations or President. Please remember: Rules are made to ensure members of maximum enjoyment of the facilities.


Section I – General Rules & Regulations


  1. General rules and regulations for THE CLUB are as follows:


  1. THE CLUB will normally be opened as determined by the Board of Directors.


  1. Tickets must be signed for all food and beverage services, except for designated functions.


  1. Tipping is accomplished by the business office adding 17% for beverages and for food to member’s tickets.


  1. No property of THE CLUB shall be removed from the premises. All club property lost, damaged or broken by members or their guests, except under conditions of normal wear and tear, shall either be replaced by the responsible member or the cost of replacement paid for through a charge to his/her account.


  1. All private property, including automobiles, on THE CLUB premises shall be permitted at the owner’s risk; and the owners of any such property, in exercising the use and privileges of THE CLUB, releases and discharges THE CLUB from all claims, damages and reparations of every kind and character, except damage caused by an employee of THE CLUB. THE CLUB will endeavor to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard and preserve private property on its premises, but in so doing, assumes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.


  1. The offering of merchandise for sale, soliciting of business or canvassing for funds on THE CLUB premises is not permitted unless approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. Members are to refrain from reprimanding employees. All requests, suggestions or complaints are to be directed to the Department Manager (e.g. Golf Professional) or, if appropriate, to the Director of Club Operations or the Board Director in charge of the Department.


  1. Any person known or declared to be “persona non grata” as determined by the Board of Directors is denied access to THE CLUB. A member who knowingly or willingly contributes to the presence of such a person is subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.
  2. Cell phones on the golf course and in the clubhouse are permitted on silent or vibrate modes only. Outgoing calls on cell phones must be made away from dining areas and golf play. Please be sure to advise your family and guests of this policy.


  1. Smoking in the clubhouse is NOT permitted as per New York State law.


  1. Rules governing guests/employees are as follows:


  1. A guest shall not be permitted to utilize any of THE CLUB facilities without being first registered by the sponsoring member. Guests shall be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times. Guests shall observe and respect all the rules of THE CLUB. The sponsoring member is responsible for the actions of his/her guests and their dependents and as such, responsible for the payment of all debts and any property damage to THE CLUB incurred by the guest.


  1. Except for special functions designated for members only, guests are welcome to enjoy the clubhouse, lounge, dining room, pool and harbor, social or other events when accompanied by a member.


  1. No reciprocal agreements for other clubs and/or visiting professionals will be permitted without approval of the Board of Directors. d. Employees are not considered members unless they are holders of a Certificate of Membership and shall not be permitted to use any of THE CLUB facilities unless as a part of their work activity. Additionally, relatives and guests of Employees are not considered members unless they are holders of a Certificate of Membership and shall not be permitted to use any of the Club facilities.


  1. Guest fees for weekdays, weekends and holidays for clubhouse, harbor, golf and pool will be determined by the Board of Directors periodically.


  1. Members desiring to donate property or services for the temporary or permanent use of THE CLUB may do so with the prior approval of the Club Director of Operations and the appropriate standing committee.


  1. Each member is furnished with an identification number each year. The identification number stays the same for each member through tenure. It is mandatory that you use this number in addition to your signature when acknowledging all charges at Lake Shore or reciprocal Clubs.



  1. Parking is allowed in the upper and lower lots only. Park between the lines, and there is usually ample room for all. Entrance and driveways are posted “NO PARKING,” which is very important to the safety of all, for use by emergency vehicles only. Of course, automobiles are always forbidden on the golf course including the work roads. Any cars parked in “NO PARKING” areas will be tagged, and repeat offenders shall be subject to disciplinary measures as provided for in the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws.


  1. Snowmobiles, mopeds, dirt-bikes, etc. are forbidden on the golf course and THE CLUB property.


  1. Parents are accountable for proper conduct of their children at THE CLUB at all times. Children are not allowed in the locker rooms at any time, except when to use the facilities or accompanied by an adult.


  1. The clubhouse, docks, golf course, pool and grounds are for exclusive use of the members, their dependents and guests.


  1. The Club Director of Operations is required to notify members of any violation of the rules of THE CLUB and to report the same to the Board of Directors.


  1. No Professional or commercial, moving or still pictures shall be taken on THE CLUB premises without permission of the President or House Committee, and no pictures taken on THE CLUB premises shall be published until proofs have been submitted to and approved by the President or House Committee.


  1. The objective of the Members Mansion located between the 8th and 12th holes is for a TEMPORARY refreshment break for food and beverages for golfers while they are golfing. There is to be no congregation at the Members Mansion that could act as a disruption to other golfers on the course.


Section II – Clubhouse Rules


  1. Dress/attire – Members and their guests must adhere to the dress code contained herein, and any supplements to the dress code, which may be published from time to time by order of the Board of Directors. Dress in the clubhouse is expected to be reasonable and suitable at all times.


  1. Dress in the banquet room is expected to be formal. Jackets are preferred in the banquet room.
  2. Bathing suits, (except in locker rooms or to pick up food from the pool or harbor) are not allowed anywhere in the clubhouse. Effective May 2011, denim jeans may be worn in the Grill Room and back deck only. Denim jeans will not be allowed in the Harbor Room or Dining Room.


  1. Shoes (which definition includes sandals and athletic shoes) must be worn at all times in the clubhouse. Bare feet are not allowed at any time in the clubhouse.


  1. Men are not permitted to wear hats (which definition includes visors) in the Grill Room, Harbor Side Room or Ball Room. This rule is not meant to preclude the wearing of any headwear required by reason of religious conviction.


  1. Private Functions. The clubhouse facilities may be made available to members for private functions, but not at times that will conflict with any scheduled Club function. In no event will bar, Pro Shop or locker rooms be made unavailable to the general membership unless approved by the Board of Directors. All arrangements for special entertainment or functions must be made in advance with the Director of Club Operations office. Members entering the clubhouse are requested to show courtesy and consideration to any group that may be holding a meeting or party.


  1. Pets. Pets are not permitted on THE CLUB premises excepting the harbor area, which privilege is revocable by the Board of Directors. If a member or member’s guest brings a pet to the harbor area, that member is responsible for the actions of that pet and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless THE CLUB from any and all damages to persons or property arising therefrom. The member is also responsible for the removal of the pet’s feces from the harbor area or elsewhere.


  1. Facilities. The facilities of THE CLUB are for the enjoyment of all members; therefore, loud, abusive and profane language will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with this shall result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors against the violator.


  1. All private property must be kept in the lockers, which must be kept locked. Members are requested not to create an attractive temptation by leaving money and other valuables loose and unguarded. THE CLUB and its employees assume no responsibility for their safekeeping, although reasonable precautions will be exercised.


  1. Shoe shining and other services performed by locker room attendants are available.


  1. Golf bags and clubs, pull carts, etc. are not allowed in the locker rooms.



  1. THE CLUB is licensed as a private, non-profit organization, and, therefore, the bar and restaurant facilities are not open to the general public. Children under the age of sixteen (16) years shall not be permitted to sit at the bars at the Club. Children ages sixteen (16) to the state legal drinking age may sit at the bars of the Club but must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other adult.


  1. Reservations for dinner particularly on Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays are a must. This allows the staff to plan so that all members and their guests receive the proper service and assures that sufficient portions of food are available.


  1. Restaurant service shall be restricted to such portions of the clubhouse as shall be determined from time to time by the House Committee.


  1. Members wishing to use the clubhouse for private parties may apply in writing to the House Committee or the Club Director of Operations, stating the nature of the party, the number of guests expected and the date desired. Should the request be granted, it must be particularly understood, however, that other members of THE CLUB not included in the private party may have access to THE CLUB premises and are not to be excluded.


  1. The House Committee will post on the bulletin board such additional or special rules as may from time to time be found necessary for the betterment of all concerned, all of which shall have the same force and effect as though incorporated herein.


  1. No waiter, waitress or other employee of the club shall be sent on errands outside of THE CLUB property except upon order of the Club Director of Operations.


  1. Rules regarding smoking and cell phone policy are found under the “GENERAL RULES” heading above.


  1. Children are not permitted to play or romp in the clubhouse. Parents or persons bringing children to the clubhouse must keep them in their immediate presence and under their control.


Section III – Golf Rules

The following rules shall govern the play and use of THE CLUB golf course and related facilities. These rules are to enable the membership to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment of the golf facilities and to preserve the course and grounds.



  1. General rules


  1. The Professional Staff will regulate play within the rules prescribed herein. Each person playing the course is requested to show courtesy toward fellow golfers. Flagrant violations of these rules should be reported.


  1. The USGA Rules of Golf and Etiquette will govern play as modified herein or by other rules posted by the Golf Committee or Golf Professional Staff.


  1. Adults and children of members and non-members are prohibited from using the golf course area as a playground or a short-cut. Members will request these persons to leave the golf course and attempt to identify them so that further action may be taken.


  1. All players MUST register in the Pro Shop prior to starting play no matter how many holes they intend to play.


  1. Except for special events approved by the Tournament Committee, play must start on the first tee. Players may start on the tenth tee with the permission of the Golf Shop. If permission is obtained, then players leaving the 9th green shall have preference over players starting on the 10th tee, and alternate the 10th tee thereafter.


  1. Play in more than a foursome is prohibited. However, before May 1, and after October 1, the Golf Professional may allow play in more than foursomes if, in his opinion, it will not restrict the play of others.


  1. If your group is holding up the play of the group behind you, and there is a hole open in front of you, you must catch up to the group ahead, or invite the group behind you to play through. If the condition persists, and you are asked by a member of the Golf Professional Staff or other members to allow the group to play through, you must abide.


  1. All members must be aware of and follow the rules of the day and golf course markers when driving golf carts. Violators will be warned once, and thereafter be subject to disciplinary action. Pull carts must not be taken inside the outer boundary line of green-side traps.


  1. Littering is costly; utilize the receptacles provided for trash.


  1. Golf course etiquette and respect for your fellow member dictates that every member repair divots, pitch marks on greens, and rake traps.




  1. Proper golf attire will be required for all golf players. All players MUST wear non-metal, soft spike golf shoes. Dress for male members should consist of collared, sleeved shirts, trousers or adequate length shorts. All shirts must be tucked in the trousers or shorts while on the golf course. No T-Shirts, abbreviated shorts, denim jeans or swimming trunks or gym shorts will be permitted, (except when picking up food / beverage from the harbor or pool). Proper dress for ladies will consist of shirt, adequate length shorts, skirts, or culottes. Halter sets, mid-riff play suits, denim jeans or skirts, swimming suits, etc. are not permitted (except when picking up food / beverage from the harbor or pool).


  1. In order to drive a golf cart under 18 years of age, you must have a valid driver’s license.


  1. Each player will have an individual bag and clubs.


  1. Practicing on the golf course is prohibited. All practice sessions and instructions must be confined to the practice area.


  1. The rules and regulations for play are in effect for the entire calendar year; however, in the interest of better golf, the Golf Professional is authorized to temporarily modify any rules or regulations. Local rules governing service roads, water hazards, etc. are included on the scorecards. On league night (Tuesday), no one is to start before 4:00 p.m. on the 10th tee without special permission from the Pro Shop. (See “Section III, #5#).


  1. Play on the courses


  1. The Golf Course is open for play from 7:00 a.m. until dark, Tuesday through Sunday. The Golf Course is open on Mondays, even though the Clubhouse is normally closed; however, play may be restricted to either the front nine or the back nine at the discretion of the Golf Course Superintendent. This is to allow for maintenance work that cannot be performed while members are playing under normal play. The Golf Course Superintendent or the Golf Professional has authority to close the course due to weather and unplayable conditions.



  1. The following assignments of playing time have been approved by your Board of Directors. All members are asked to cooperate and abide by the following schedule:


Day Members Spouses of Members & Couples Children of Members
Monday After 12:00pm After 12:00pm Before 12:00pm
Tuesday After 11:00am No play after 11:30am NO PLAY
Wednesday All Day All Day All Day
Thursday All Day Before 11:00am & After 4:30pm

1st Tee Only

After 5:30pm, 1st Tee Only


Friday All Day All Day All Day
Saturday All Day After 11:00am* After 2:00pm
Sunday All Day After 11:00am* After 3:00pm
Holidays All Day After 11:00am* After 3:00pm


*Spouses of members may book any open starting time 3 days before the Saturday, Sunday or Holiday.  Booking a starting time 1 week prior the Spouse must book the starting time after 11:00 a. m.


  1. Singles or twosomes are not allowed on the course on weekends prior to 10:00 a.m. except at the discretion of the Golf Professional.


  1. Starting times may be made one week in advance. To reserve a tee time, the names of at least two people must be submitted.


  1. One guest per member is the limit permitted on Thursdays, weekends and holidays without the prior oral approval of a Board Director. Contact the Pro Shop to make requests.


  1. Groups who are not ready to play at their designated tee time will be asked to step aside. The starter will use best efforts to assign that group another time if one is available without disturbing the reserved times of other groups.


  1. No shows will be subject to the published disciplinary policy.


  1. With the approval of the Golf Professional, groups of members or spouses may start on the tenth tee on Saturdays and Sundays prior to 8:00 a.m. Play will be limited to 9 holes.


  1. Starting on the back nine is allowed only with the permission of the Golf Professional Staff.


  1. Starting times on the front and back nines on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 6:00 are reserved for the Men’s League.


  1. The Board of Directors may change the above schedule at any time to accommodate the best interests of the membership.


  1. Care of the course


  1. “Care of the Course” is a very well defined section in the Rules of Golf. All golfers should familiarize themselves with this section. Remember the “three R’s”: Rake Traps…. Replace Divots…. Repair Ball Marks


  1. At times it may be necessary to close a hole. When this is done, the workman will remove the flag stick. Please do not hit to that green until the flag stick has been replaced.


  1. In the spring, fall and late winter, please do not use the greens unless the flag stick is in position. Walking on frozen or frosty greens will damage the grass. During rainy weather, keep clear of wet and soggy areas wherever possible.


  1. Handicap scoring system


  1. Handicaps will be based on the USGA system. Actual scores will be used in all play, such as sweeps, tournaments, matches, etc. For rounds played away from Lake Shore, the member must provide the attested score card for the score to be included.


  1. All score cards must be signed and handed in at designated locations.


  1. Junior golf


  1. Children are considered to be persons less than 18 years of age. Children 8 and under may not use the putting green or golf course without the personal supervision of their mother or father. Children 12 and under cannot play on the golf course without special permission from the Pro Shop and someone to supervise them. The under 18 players must be accompanied by a responsible adult until they are capable of keeping up with the speed of play at the discretion of the Pro Shop. All children must sign in at the Pro Shop as do adults at the time of play. Any junior seen not obeying the rules of etiquette and not taking proper care of the golf course will have his/her playing rights suspended and parents notified.


  1. Junior golfers who qualify to play on the course without supervision will be issued a colored tag. This is non-transferable and must be displayed.


  1. Lessons


  1. Appointments are a must if the membership is to be served efficiently. However, should a member desire a lesson without an appointment, the Professional Staff will arrange to use any open time if possible


  1. Lesson fees will be determined at the Golf Shop.


  1. Carts


  1. Members must register for carts at the Golf Shop before going on the course. Three bags may be put on one cart at an extra cost providing the maximum passenger occupancy be 2 people. Age limit for renting carts is 18 years old or 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Carts for transportation to practice area must be used for that purpose alone and are not to be used on the golf course.



  1. Guests


  1. All golfing guests must be registered by the member in the Golf Shop.  Guests may pay cash or credit card for appropriate fees. One member must be in each foursome unless previous arrangements have been made via a Special Event properly approved and scheduled. Locker Room Attendants are available to provide accommodations for your guests. The Director of Club Operations or Club Office will assist when necessary.


  1. Guests will be permitted to play a total of five (5) times a year at regular green’s fees. The exception to this rule is the annual three-day Member-Guest Tournament and Stag Days.


  1. Every foursome playing the course must have a Lake Shore member in it. Only one guest per member is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, Thursdays and Holidays before September 15 without the prior approval of a Board Director, Director of Club Operations or Golf Professional.



  1. Members holding Yacht or Pool & Social Memberships are governed by the same rules as non-members. Play is limited to not more than five times a year at regular green’s fees, and only when accompanied by a golfing member. The five time limit includes regular play and all club sponsored events. Outside golf tournaments, which are not sponsored by the club, are not included in the five time limit for play.


  1. You may bring more than 3 guests at certain times during the year, such as a small outing for your office. Please check with the Golf Shop or the Director of Club Operations.


  1. Reciprocal privileges


  1. Reciprocal agreements with clubs in other cities are reviewed and renewed annually at the beginning of each calendar year with the clubs principally in the eastern, western and southern regions of New York State.


  1. Who may use Reciprocal Golf Privileges:


a. Golfing members of THE CLUB.


b.Spouses and non-self-supporting children of a golfing member with proper identification.


c. Children in No. 2 above may use facilities of a Reciprocal Club only when accompanied by one or both parents; except for special events previously arranged.


  1. If you plan to play at one of our reciprocal clubs, please check with the office or Golf Shop on their policies, then have the Golf Shop call for a starting time. Please do not go there unannounced.


Section IV – Swimming Rules

  1. General rules


  1. Only members, their dependents and their guests, after payment of fees, are allowed to use the swimming pool. Scheduled competitors are excepted from this rule. Members must register themselves, their dependents and their guests upon entering the pool area.


  1. The Pool Manager or lifeguards have full authority to eject violators of THE CLUB rules from the pool area because of the danger involved to other members when rules are not adhered to. The person then in charge of the pool is to report the incident to the Club Director of Operations for consideration of suspension or revocation of pool privileges as provided for in the by-laws and these rules.


  1. The Pool Manager or lifeguard may close the pool when it is necessary for safety, health or general welfare, of members and their guests.


  1. All children under age 13 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian while in the pool area.


  1. All children under age 7 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian while in the pool area, and if the child is in the pool, the parent or guardian must remain within one arm’s length of the child.


  1. Showers are required of all swimmers prior to entering the pool.


  1. No person shall knowingly enter the pool or allow children to do so while suffering from colds, open wounds or sores.


  1. Running, horseplay and ball playing are prohibited within the pool enclosure.


  1. Ten minutes each hour may be reserved for adult swimming and/or rest period.


  1. Rafts and/or floats are not allowed in the pool, without the permission of a lifeguard or the Pool Manager.


  1. Only one person is allowed on the diving board or ladder at one time and diving is prohibited until the prior diver and diving board area are clear of swimmers.


  1. No diving from board is permitted with flippers, masks, tubes, balls, etc.


  1. Absolutely no pets are allowed inside the pool enclosure.


  1. Please note that denim clothing is not permitted in the pool area.


  1. Swimming pool


  1. Lake Shore’s swimming facilities are available to golf, yacht and pool & social members and their guests. The pool’s water is heated when necessary during the swimming season, which begins Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day, unless otherwise shortened or extended by the Pool Director.


  1. Weather permitting, the pool will be open on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and each succeeding weekend until the public schools are closed for the summer. From then until Labor Day Weekend, the pool will be open daily, weather permitting.


  1. Pool hours


  1. The regular daily pool hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. When the clubhouse is closed on Mondays, the pool-closing hour will be 6:00 p.m.


  1. The pool may be closed temporarily during storms at the discretion of the Pool Director. Also, it may be closed during bad, cold weather or when nobody is using the pool with the permission of


a. the Club Director of Club Operations, or

b.the Club Director in charge of the pool, in that order.


  1. On particularly warm days, if there are people at the pool at closing time, the pool may be kept open for an additional hour.


  1. The pool can be opened at special hours by adequate advanced arrangement and with previous notice for special occasions such as Member Guest weekends or other parties. Use of the pool when closed or in the absence of lifeguards is prohibited.


  1. Pool guests and fees


  1. Members may invite guests to enjoy the pool with them so long as the member and their guests are signed-in and accompanied by the member or his/her dependent. Members and their guests must sign-in IMMEDIATELY upon entering the pool area.


  1. Guest fees of $5.00 per day for each adult guest and $3.00 for children ages 4 – 18 at the pool are to be charged to the member’s account.


  1. There is a limit of three guests per day, except by special arrangement and guests will be permitted to use the pool a total of five (5) times a year at regular fees.


  1. No charge for guests for whom a greens fee has been paid.


  1. Failure by Members to register themselves and their guests at the pool upon entering shall be deemed a violation of these Rules and Regulations and shall subject any violator to disciplinary action as allowed by these Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws.


  1. Pool rules posted


  1. Members and their guests are requested to acquaint themselves with detailed pool regulations that are posted at the pool, particularly the rules of safety for your children.


  1. These rules are designed for your safety and enjoyment, and it is the duty of the lifeguards on duty to enforce them. Non-Swimmers must be accompanied by a responsible person.


  1. General rules


  1. The harbor is a “NO WAKE” zone. All boats entering or leaving the harbor are to be at “idle speed,” “no wake” permitted. When entering the harbor, slow engine(s) well before reaching the entry lights. THIS RULE APPLIES TO ALL PERSONAL WATERCRAFT.


  1. Boats leaving the harbor have the “right of way” over boats entering the harbor. As a courtesy, kindly assist a fellow boater as he/she reaches their dock.


  1. NO SWIMMING is allowed in the harbor.


  1. Children/guests and their watercraft are the responsibility of the parent/member. Please be certain that children/guests are adhering to rules.


  1. When leaving your slip by boat, one long blast of the horn MUST be sounded to alert other boats of your actions. When entering the harbor by boat, three long blasts of the horn MUST be sounded.


  1. For the health, welfare and safety of members, their children and guests, the speed limit in the parking areas and roads is 5 MPH.


  1. For the safety of members, their families and guests, please keep docks free and clear of all obstacles (i.e. dock boxes, barbecue grills, gas and oil containers, boat covers, hoses and hose caddies, excessively coiled rope and wire, etc.) Docking lines must be neatly coiled and kept as “trip-free” as possible. This includes off shore power, cable, telephone and water supply lines, etc.


  1. ABSOLUTELY NO additions or modifications to the docks are allowed without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors. (i.e. personal watercraft lifts, decks, power washing, staining, painting, carpeting affixed, “bank-boards,” etc.).


  1. Parties or outings planned for the Harbor facilities must be arranged with the Harbor Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. When using the picnic facilities or fireplace on the Point, please clean up after usage.


  1. No excessive noise in the harbor after 11:00 p.m. Please show consideration for others around you. Please use good judgment when playing music or TVs in the evening or morning hours.


  1. Fishing on the grounds or docks by nonmembers is prohibited. Politely ask violators to leave or notify one of the Harbor Officers or the Club Manager.


  1. Guests Dockage for members’ guests is allowed when space exists, at the discretion of the Commodore, or acting Harbor Officer. Rates shall be $1.00 per lineal foot, per day/night. These rates do not apply to a first night’s stay if the visiting boat is from a club with which Lake Shore Yacht & County Club, Inc. has a reciprocal agreement. Dockage fees shall be charged to the inviting member’s account. The Guest and his/her boat must be registered with the Club Director of Member Services.


  1. No trailers are to be left in the harbor parking lot overnight or during club events when parking is at a minimum. As an accommodation to members, temporary storage of trailers is available on club property, off of Lakeshore Road. PARK/LEAVE TRAILERS AT YOUR OWN RISK. LAKE SHORE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE AND ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES TO OR THEFT OF PROPERTY.


  1. Docks, as assigned, are for that members use only. No loaning, changing or “swapping” of docks, as assigned, is allowed without prior permission from the Harbor Committee.


  1. ABSOLUTELY NO bow and arrow hunting or target shooting of any kind in the harbor area.


  1. Under Federal and NYSDEC Laws, absolutely no head (sewage) pump outs, garbage dumping, fuel, oil or chemical discharge of any kind is allowed in fresh water, whether in the harbor or lakes. The penalty for any person found to be in violation of the law, is immediate arrest and fines of up to $20,000.00; as well as boat confiscation. NYSDEC Officers will be making spot inspections and routine surveillance of our harbor.


  1. Deck Specifications – Materials: pressure treated lumber only; bull nose deck boards only; railings shall be constructed with 2″ x 2″ laths and capped with 6″ rail board; color shall be natural, no painting or staining. ALL DECK DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


Section VI – Membership years, renewal and resignation

  1. Membership years – membership Year is April 1 through March 31.


  1. Membership renewal and notice of resignation


  1. Members MUST submit their intention to resign their membership at least one month prior to the end of their membership year. Membership will continue on a yearly basis unless the member notifies the Board of Directors in writing by March 1st. Use of THE CLUB facilities by resigning members is prohibited after the expiration of their membership year. The Board of Directors reserve the right to bill resigned members who continue to use THE CLUB facilities after the expiration of their membership year, all or part, of the annual dues that would otherwise be due for their membership.



Section VII – Disciplinary procedures for rules violations

  1. General rules


  1. Members or persons who knowingly or willfully violate these rules or otherwise engage in misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


  1. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and their dependents.


  1. The following disciplinary procedures have been adopted by the Board of Directors. They will be employed AUTOMATICALLY by the Board.


  1. Procedure – if any of these Rules and Regulations is violated by a member, member dependent or guest, the following procedure will be employed:


  1. Upon receiving a complaint or upon personal observation, a member or employee of THE CLUB will ask the violator to rectify the condition, and/or refrain from continuing the improper conduct. If the violator refuses to comply, or is uncooperative or abusive to the member or employee, then such violator or the member responsible for the violator will be reported to the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.


  1. Upon receiving a *written report from i) an employee, or ii) two or more club members, detailing the refusal of a member or his/her guest to abide by the Rules and Regulations after having are request made of him/her to do so, the Board of Directors will automatically take the following actions:


  1. The responsible member will be issued a letter of reprimand, which specifies the behavior, which was unacceptable. The letter of reprimand shall be saved to the member’s file.


  1. A second violation of the rules by the same member may result in a fine, as maybe determined by the Board of Directors, which will be donated to the club’s junior golf program. The member will be requested to appear before the Board to explain his/her actions and show cause why such fine should not be assessed.


  1. A third violation within one year, or failure to promptly pay the fine, will result in a mandatory appearance before the Board of Directors, which shall follow the procedures in the Bylaws and in its discretion suspend or expel such member, or take any other action it deems appropriate. *The written reports must be signed, but the identity of the members making the complaint shall be kept confidential by the Board.

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