Open Modal by Text link

This is the picture link to open custom modal window. Click on the icon to show the content of this Modal Window.

[modal-link name="modal1"]Text link to show Modal Window[/modal-link]

Open Modal by Picture or Icon link

This is the standard text link to open custom modal window. Click on the link to show the content of this Modal Window.

[modal-link name="modal1"]<img src="...">[/modal-link]

Open Modal by Button link

This is the button created by shortcode to open custom modal window. Click on the button

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to show the content.

[button title="OPEN" modalname="modal1" description="Modal Window" width="100%" version="light" position="left" bgcolor="#5FCAFF" color="#FFFFFF"]


Modal Window Content

You need to define the Modal Window Content somewhere on the end of the page to create something like this. You can define several modal windows and call them by the name parameter.

[modal-content name="modal1" width="600px" height="550px"] Content [/modal-content] 

Modal Window

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